Dream7 was a net art website created between 1998-2005. It served as a visual representation of a digital dream state and explored the intersection between visual and textual narrative, animation, collage and sound.


Dream7 included a number of sub-projects that expanded on the theme of a digital dream. Dreambase was the most well known, and was a searchable database of over 4,000 dreams sent by visitors to Dream7.com. Quartok, one of the final projects, was an interactive sound space that represented a post apocalyptic anti-Utopia. In this world, Quartok, a god-like alien lived, and at the site you could read Quartok’s words of wisdom.


Included here is a selection of images from different facets of the project, including stills from two exhibitions. Infomera, a live net art battle at the Museo Tamayo in Mexico City, and some sound-reactive pieces that were shown as part of the Offline art collective at the Institute of Contemporary Art in London.


Dream7 was also a place where I explored new image making techniques. I was primarily interested in pushing the limits of applications by doing things the wrong way.. overcompression (dithering), glitch, Flash glitch (where small colorful bit images and photography were zoomable/viewable within animated flash movies), filters to the max, framing things overtly that were abstractions, faux broken code and using layering techniques that evoke aesthetic pleasure by appearing somewhere between a disaster and a formal composition.


I collaborated on the project with sound artists Duodecimo, Paul Stone and Rupert Cogan.


Since the time that it was originally published Flash is no longer supported on the web so some animation projects do not function.


To view the project in its’ current state please visit www.dream7.com.